Pediatrics Roundup: Safety of Probiotics, Dieting in Crohn Disease, and More

The editors at Consultant360 have compiled a breakdown of top stories and recent pediatric gastroenterology news. See what you may have missed!


Do Children With IBD Consume Enough Fiber?

The authors of a recent study aimed to compare daily soluble and insoluble fiber intake among children with inflammatory bowel disease and healthy controls. Read more


Gut Microbiota Is Altered by Household Disinfectants

In an analysis of 757 infants in Canada, researchers examined the association of infant exposure to household cleaners and body mass index at age 3 years. Read more


Probiotics: Are They Safe For Children With Abdominal Pain?

Functional abdominal pain cannot be explained by visible or detectable abnormalities. Probiotics, which promote normal gut physiology and reduce functional symptoms, may be beneficial for children with functional abdominal pain. Read more


Could Diet Be an Effective Treatment for Children With Crohn Disease or Ulcerative Colitis?

A new study examined the effect of a specific carbohydrate diet on fecal microbiome and inflammatory bowel disease activity in children. Read more