Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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In a new study, researchers sought to clarify how the gut microbe may influence chronic gastrointestinal disease. The coauthors Michael C. Hoaglin, MD and Melissa Agnello, PhD answered our questions about their research.
Joshua Z. Goldenberg, ND, answered our questions about his team’s study aimed to assess the efficacy and safety of biofeedback-based interventions for treating irritable bowel syndrome among adults and children.
Maitreyi Raman, MD, MSc, answers our questions about how the low FODMAP diet affects irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, concerns about prescribing the low FODMAP diet, and factors that need to be considered before prescribing the low FODMAP diet.
Dr Pimentel, from Cedars-Sinai, discusses the current challenges of IBS management, how food poisoning and a low fermentation diet impact the disease, promising strategies for the future, and more.
Magnus Simrén, MD, PhD, answers our questions about his research that assessed whether human milk oligosaccharides could improve bowel symptoms in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.
Dr Brenner, from Northwestern Medicine, discusses the current management of IBS, findings from the RELIEF phase 4 clinical trial of IBS-D, why targeting underlying pathogenic mechanisms of IBS symptoms is the future of management, and more.
In this video, Nigel Plummer, PhD, discusses the 3 ways in which the use of antibiotics disrupts the ecology of the microbiome.
Dr Anderson discusses medication use during breastfeeding among women with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the importance of encouraging patients with IBS to continue breastfeeding, and more.
Arnold Wald, MD, from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, discusses current treatments for IBS and IBS-D, the importance of a strong patient-provider relationship to properly manage the condition, and more.
William D. Chey, MD, from Michigan Medicine, highlights the 3 phases of a low FODMAP diet in the treatment of IBS and the importance of moving a patient from the elimination phase to the reintroduction phase.
Jeffrey Lackner, PsyD, discusses recently published results of a landmark NIH clinical trial that evaluated cognitive behavioral therapy as a method for relieving symptoms of IBS, how a gastroenterologist can approach patients who are candidates for CBT, and more.