Colorectal Cancer

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In this commentary, Swati G. Patel, MD, MS, from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, highlights the incidence and mortality rates associated with colorectal cancer (CRC), the importance of understanding family history of CRC to implement proper screening, and current guidelines.
Carol Burke, MD, and Carol Rouphael, MD, answer our questions about their research, presented at the ACG 2019 Annual Meeting, that suggested a longer postpolypectomy colonoscopy interval may be possible among patients with multiple nonadvanced adenomas.
Violeta Popov, MD, PhD, and colleagues answer our questions about their research on the relationship between weight parameters and colorectal cancer survival presented at the ACG 2019 Annual Meeting.
Dr May, from the University of California, Los Angeles, discusses her research about disparities in colorectal cancer (CRC) screening, how gastroenterologists can help improve CRC screening rates in the United States, and more.
Steven DeMeester, MD, from the Oregon Clinic, answers our questions about his research that compared standard biopsies with the wide-area transepithelial sampling brush for detecting intestinal metaplasia or dysplasia.
Aasma Shaukat, MD, MPH, answers our questions about the age at which CRC screening is necessary, the risks and benefits of screening patients older than age 75, and how to individualize screening decision making for older patients.